Founded by Søren Møller & Erik Atzen, SHOOT Card Game is the first game to be published by Game Absorber.

Erik Atzen

Erik Atzen

Founder of Game Absorber & inventor of SHOOT

Musician, Photographer, fashion slave and wild Viking.

Søren Møller

Søren Møller

Founder of Game Absorber & designer of SHOOT

Designer, Architect and good looking.

Martin Rasmussen

Martin Rasmussen

Inventor of SHOOT

Photographer and a man of nature.

SHOOT was invented back in 2004-2005.

It quickly became a hit in the Danish underground, where it was played at festivals and when people ran into either Martin, Søren or Erik.

Back then, SHOOT was too hot to handle and we didn’t have the right mould for it. 10 years went by, and people kept asking for it, sending us desperate requests on when they could play SHOOT again. Some of them quite angry with us for letting them down in this manner, now we got them hooked and all.

So, Søren and Erik both woke up one morning, with the same thought in mind. LET’S DO IT!

And here we are, Splatter SHOOT for your amusement.

Special thanks to:

Sune Orange Lilla, Claus Top Christensen, Jens-Rune Gissel, Kristian Nordentoft, Max Buthke, Jonas Tolstrup, Kaare Ting, Niels Gissel, Jesper Lindhard, Peter Fajmer, Rasmus Lond, Alexander Bach, Jacob Pondsgaard, Heidi Hesselbjerg, Carsten Risager, Worbassen. Bjørn Bue. Freja Jønnild Hjort, Oliver Hollund and all our faithful fans through out the years!