Capture the Flag

For a shorter game: Leave the Flag where the HERO who had it died, instead of returning it to the middle of the map.

Capture the Flag – Teams

Team up in the hunt for the Flag.  Use one or two Flags!

Run to the hill

Start in one end and race to get the Flag on a hill you build at the other end of the map.
For a shorter game: The first HERO to touch the Flag wins. For a longer game: Bring the Flag back to your base.

Last man standing – 1 or 3 lives

Cut the crap and play last man standing!

Easy Mode

Some cards may be too difficult to get right away.
Remove the pop-up’s (4 gadgets and 1 weapon) and the  ‘Homing missile’ (weapon).
This will give your kids an easier game to play.
If you also remove the gadgets ‘Whiskey’, ‘Bomb vest’, ‘Barbed wire’ and  ‘Minefield’ – even an 8 year old can play.