The story of Splatter Shoot

The first version of Splatter SHOOT was invented back in 2004-2005. It quickly became a hit in the Danish underground, where the game was played at festivals or when people ran into either Martin, Søren or Erik around Denmark.

Back then, Splatter SHOOT was too hot to handle and we didn’t have the right mould for it. 10 years later people kept insisting that we publish the game, sending us desperate e-mails on asking when they could play Splatter SHOOT again. Some of them quite angry with us for letting them down in this manner without releasing the game back then in 2005. 

However one day both Søren and Erik woke up one morning, with the same thought in mind. LET’S DO IT! Let’s publish Splatter Shoot for all the fans that wanted to play! So here we are, presenting you the next edition of Splatter SHOOT !